Add Some Personal Touch

Incorporating personal items such as ultrasound photos, baby shoes, or a special book into your maternity photoshoot can add a unique and personal touch to the images. These items serve as a reminder of the love and excitement surrounding the arrival of your new family member.

For example, you could use an ultrasound photo as a prop in the photo shoot or have the expecting mother hold a pair of tiny baby shoes to symbolize the arrival of her little one.


Take Advantage of Outside Beauty

Take advantage of the beauty of nature and incorporate the great outdoors into your pregnancy photoshoot. Surrounding yourself with natural elements such as flowers, trees, and water can add a serene and peaceful atmosphere to the images, highlighting the expecting mother's natural glow and beauty.

Together we can choose a park or garden nearby, or even your backyard, as the location for your outdoor photoshoot near San Jose and surrounding area.

Include the Older Sibling

Including the older Sibling in your maternity photoshoot can create lovely and touching family portraits, capturing the love and excitement surrounding the arrival of your new family member.

You can incorporate the older Sibling in various ways, such as having them snuggle with the expecting mother, hold a unique item such as a onesie or a pair of baby shoes, or stand by the expectant mother to show their excitement for the new arrival.


Include Your Pet

Your pet is an integral part of your family, and including them in your maternity photoshoot can add a special touch to these timeless images.

Consider having your pet play a prominent role in the photoshoot by posing with you and your partner or sitting in a central spot in the background.